Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our closing is Monday!!

Many of you have emailed and asked why the Tavern blog has been made invite only. After the closing, when the Tavern is officially ours, I will open up the Tavern Blog and continue to update everyone on the happenings!

Until then I will post all I can here.

Please know that our lives will be very, very busy these next few months, so If I'm not emailing or posting as much, it is for that reason!

Yesterday Joe and I went to Boardman to do some Christmas shopping.
I'm trying to get as much done as I can now.

I talked to my Aunt Linda and David is still in ICU, but doing better. I pray that he continues to improve.

Brenda is still not feeling well, please keep her in your prayers.

Anne's cat died so please send a prayer her way too. I know how she feels, losing Sarah just a few months ago.

Lauren is doing really good without having her computer! I am so very proud of her! She is going to try to better her life, by conquering her addiction to the computer!
Go Lauren!
Ally tried out for the school play "The Music Man". I'm proud of her for trying out! Go Ally!

Nikki is much better. We truly thought she was going to die yesterday. If you didn't know..We took Nikki to a new vet Monday afternoon, and she gave her two sets of shots and a heartworm pill. The heartworm pill was too much for her, and Nikki got really sick. We read the heartworm pamplet that described what happens when a dog is over-medicated, and she had all the symptoms. She was very lethargic and had dhiarria and vomiting. It was scary.

I miss Kim! We need a girls night out my friend.

Speaking of girls night mentoring group is meeting this Friday evening! I so look forward to brainstorming with these amazing women that I'm lucky enough to share ideas with!

I have been watching my diet more carefully and I am at 81 lbs lost! I would like to lose 10 lbs by Christmas!!!

Next week is a really busy week for us and it is our last week at The Neshannock Creek Inn Restaurant!! *That is so weird to think!*

I hope you have a beautiful day today! God is so good. I am so incredibly blessed. Lord thank you for your grace and mercy and love!
My friends..thank you for loving me and showing me grace and mercy too!
His Servant, Susan L. Hougelman

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