Monday, November 03, 2008

Spreadin' the Jackie!!!!

So I've been thinking soooooo much..trying to spread the love! (See previous post on spreadin' the love) Honestly..I've been trying...I couldn't find anyone to be a blessing too. I was going to pay for someone's meal at my restaurant..I've done this before..feeling God's nudge.. I write "Paid in Full" and then tell them someone paid for their meal.. People LOVE it!! They will probably always remember it. That's so Jesus isn't it?? It's so much fun.. I love to see people's them look around..wondering who on earth paid for their meal! What a great feeling!
But anyways..I've been looking..I want to pass on the blessings! Well, I finally discovered a way to spread the love, last night (at about 4:00 in the morning!) (I guess that makes it today and not last night!)
Jackie Nicklas (Well that's her maiden name) used to go to my church. She also worked for me for a summer. She's so sweet. I love her inner beauty so very much. She blogs..actually she Xanga's and I have read her Xanga for geez..probably a few years! I don't read it daily..maybe just once a month or every other see how she's doing. She's good at sharing her heart. Well, Jackie got married a few months ago, and she moved to Italy with her husband, who is a graduate student.
I'm thinking..woah..that is so cool. She's living in Italy..that is an amazing adventure and huge blessing!
But Jackie is really homesick. You can just feel it in her Xanga posts... She misses American food. I'm going to send her a care package!!!! I haven't talked to Jackie since she worked for me. It's been ...about two or three years now! So she will think it's really, really random that I would send her a package...But isn't that what it's all about! A RANDOM act of kindness!!
haha!! I love this!!!!! I am going to go shopping this weekend and send it out to her next week! She will get it in time for Thanksgiving! Click on the link to read about Jackie and her experiences and woes in Italy! If you can think of anything fun that I could add in this care package..feel free to let me know!! Give me some ideas!!! Here is Jackies Xanga site address. (For some reason I can not get my links to work!!!) grrr.
Just copy and paste this into your browser!


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