Saturday, November 08, 2008

a beautiful act of kindess (for Emily and Karen)

I can't help but to share this beautiful event that has touched my heart. It might not seem like a big deal.. but to me, it was beautiful. I find it hard sometimes to be a "boss" at my restaurant. Because I love my employees, they have become friends and family to me, sometimes it's hard to correct mistakes, or say anything negative. We truly are like a family. We love and care for each other.
I came to work this week and saw a bag sitting on the counter in my waitress station. It was a bag from Liz Claiborne. It had a note attached to it. "Susan, Karen and I bought you these shirts to wear for our Christmas celebration. They are a gift. We love you. Emily"
My employees... bought me two shirts. I was so humbled. I was so heartsick. I felt so unworthy. It is hard for me to accept gifts. I don't know why..but it is. It makes me feel embarrassed. Why would my employees buy my work shirts for me????? I should be buying their shirts for them!!!!! I am the one who gives!!

But I stopped and I thought.. they are not my employees that bought my shirts. They are my friends.
My tears flowed. I feel so unworthy. Why would anybody love me? Especially the people that work with me? I don't deserve their goodness and kindness. I am meant to is hard for me to receive. It is really hard for me.
Emily and touched my heart in a HUGE way! That was a beautiful act of kindness you showed to me! That was Jesus! I love you both so very much. You are a gift from God to me. Thank you. Your friend, Susan

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