Saturday, November 08, 2008

Mike and his Amazing Ministry

My friend Karen came over for dinner last week. Among many other things, we talked about the Tavern. I shared with her about receiving our very first reservation ! It's for 200 people in June for a graduation party in the Tavern Yards! I was telling her how Joe and I don't know how to cater, but we are going to learn!

She sat there for a few minutes and said something like this..."Susan, there's a guy at Solid Rock Church that runs this little restaurant on Thursday nights. He cooks steaks and Half-chickens, and homemade Eggplant Parmesean.. He's fantastic. WEll he just asked me to pray for him that he finds a job. He owns his own catering ocmpany, but he's been putting so much time in the ministry, that he let his catering company fall off."
He owns his own catering company!!!!

GOD.. GOD.. YOU .. YOU ... I can't barely believe what you continue to bring to Joe and I. What an amazing testimony we have to tell... and we will shout it from the rooftops! It is you LORD!!

So anyways.. Karen said she was going to contact Mike and see if she was interested.
She called us later that night, and said she was so excited she had to call Mike that night. But he wasn't home.
She called us the next morning..she talked to Mike. He was very interested.
Mike called us. He feels this is an aswer to prayer.

Mike runs this little restaurant..on Thursday nights. SO Joe and I went to visit him at the SOlid Rock Cafe! We feel Mike is an answer to prayer!

Mike cooks meals for about 40 people. Most of them are narcotic anonymous members. They love eating Mike's food and hanging out at the cafe'. Mike has an amazing ministry. We heard these guys thank him for the food, and he resonded with, "I love you Man"
Mikes mom and dad help him out by taking orders and doing dishes while he cooks.
I am so proud of him. He loves the Lord so much. He loves cooking so much too.
We all will make a good team I think!

So.. we have someone to help us cater! Just..amazing.. isn't HE???

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