Thursday, November 06, 2008


I am off today!! *YEAH*
My kids are sick and home from school today. *BOO*

But it is wonderful that I can be at home with them while they are sick. Poor babies!
Ally is laying in bed with me and she has asked if she can make a guest blog post!

So here's Ally. *Be good Ally!!*

Hello World!
I'm sick today :(... Home from school :) (yay!) Usually when I wake up I come downstairs, and see my mom laying in bed on her laptop writing on her blog. I find some of her blogposts interesting, so I decide to read what she has to say :) I asked her if I could write a blogpost, and of course.. she said yes! (whoohoo)
My mom and I have many similarities. I love writing as much as she does. I can explain things much better through writing. So I thought it might be funny if I shared with you an inncodent that happened to me yesterday with my puppy Nikki.
I stayed home from school yesterday too, my throat has been so sore and I have the worst headache ever! :( When I'm sick, I usually enjoy taking a nice, relaxing bubble bath. Well... Since my mom was at work, and my sister Lauren was at school. I was home alone.. well, not actually alone, alone. My dog Nikki (Nixon) was there by my side. everywhere I went. She was there.. This started to get REALLY annoying. I was sick, I didn't feel good, and I had a little dog bugging me. (ughh) So back to the bubble bath. I lit some good ole' Yankee Candles and jumped into the relaxing bubble bath. OF COURSE. Nikki ran into the bathroom and just sat down by the tub and watched me. THEN... Nikki started to whimper, and whimper, and cry, and cry!! I was getting so frustrated. "NIKKI, LEAVE ME ALONEEEEEE!!!" I shouted. But that didnt help, she still kept crying. I tried to ingore her by putting my ears under the water, and closing my eyes. About 5 minutes later a big THUMP hit my stomach. I opened my eyes and Nikki was standing right on my stomach. I figured she didn't realize if she took another step, she would land right in the water, so I picked her up, and took her out of the bathtub.. Sure enough, she jumped right back in! This time, she landed right in the water. I thought she was going to start panicking, but I was wrong! She started to swim around the tub, she seemed like she was enjoying it!
She swam for about 30 seconds and I said "Nikki, thats enough! GET OUT!" So as I went to pick her up... SHE GROWLED AT ME! She wanted to keep swimming! I laughed to myself, but then my throat started feeling worse and I needed some privacy. So I took her out once again, and I wouldn't let her back in. She started to cry and cry and even tried getting back into the tub... I think I was going to be the one crying.
So I shut the shower curtain, and waited for the crying to stop. WHAT COULD I HAVE DONE?!?!? Finally, the crying stopped, and I was relieved. So I closed my eyes, and soaked in a nice, hot, relaxing bubble bath. all to myself :)
I always think about this everytime I watch my mom write a blogpost. I think about how awesome she is, and every little word she says really means something to me. When she writes about me, my sister, my dad. Jesus Christ, The Tavern. It makes me so proud to have a wonderfull mom like her. :) (AWEEE) <3 HAHA. I believe her blog will be a keepsake that my sister and I will have in the future.. When my mom is no longer with us. I belive her blog will be a story, that I will read every single day when I'm older and away from her. CONTINUE TO WRITE MOM!!! CONTINUE "A PORTHOLE INTO MY SOUL" FOREVER!! :)
Ally :)

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