Wednesday, November 05, 2008

God's Love

My sister Dianna is a beautiful woman. She is so very intelligent, and witty and kind hearted. She is clever. She is giving, of her time, her posessions, her heart, her life. She is beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside.

My sister Dianna has been hurt so deeply by her past, so deeply within her soul, that it causes her to feel rejected and unloveable.She doesn't feel worthy of love. She is scarred. Because of this she pushes people away so they can not hurt her. Because the hurt of rejection is so very painful, it is hard to bear. Because of this, she has incredibly strong emotions that are like tidal waves. Some are more calm then others. Some wreck havoc in her life. She can't control these waves all of the time. It causes sadness in her heart, that I'd give just about anything to take away.

It breaks my heart for my sister, because she can not see herself the way God sees her. She is his child. His baby girl. His princess. God thinks she is so beautiful and delightful and so very worthy of His Love. It's not her actions that He loves. She doesn't have to do anything. He loves her because she is his daughter. He loves her because of who she is, not what she does. It's the same way we love our children. Think when they were born, they didn't have to smile at us, they didn't have to do anything to gain our love, We just fell deeply, head over heels in love with them. Our love is unconditional. God's love is a million times stronger for us.

He WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER, REJECT YOU DIANNA! No matter what you do, what you think, what you say, how unworthy you feel.. HE WILL NEVER REJECT YOU!!! And my beautiful sister, God's love is all you really need. We all want the love of friends and family. That is something we must earn. Sometimes it is given freely, but unfortunately sometimes it is not..BUT THE LOVE OF GOD, doesn't have to be earned. It is given to us freely and can never be taken away. AND.. It is really all we need. You know that. Because you have CHrist in your heart.

Dianna, and anyone else who has felt lonely, rejected, unloveable, or just insecure. Look in the mirror, but see yourself the way God sees you this time. You are beautiful. You are a supermodel, a ballerina, a star... honestly. God sees you that way. YOU ARE THAT BEAUTIFUL!!! Now.. believe it. See yourself that way too.
Then go out and change the world. : ) Peace to you ALL MY SISTERS. I love you with the love of Christ! That is AMAZING LOVE!!! Susan

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