Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Silk Road Fair Trade Market!

I found a new favorite... YOU'VE GOT TO CHECK OUT THIS PLACE!!


One of the women in my mastermind group is named Wendy Farmerie. She is the owner of the Silk Road Fair Trade Market. I LOVE..LOVE..LOVE Wendy's store! It is wonderful! Not only does the store carry beautiful things from all over the world but when you buy an item, it helps people in impoverished countries! This is not a plug by the way..this is what I truly feel! Not only am I going to buy most of my CHristmas gifts at The Silk Road, but I really..really want some things for my Christmas gifts from Wendy's store! *Joe* and *Girls* HINT HINT!!!!!!!
Wendy carries Nativity sets from all over the world! I am in love with these Nativity sets. I don't collect anything...I'm not one that likes things..but I have fallen in love with these Nativity sets!! I want to collect them..and some day I want my grandchildren to come to my house and look at these little Nativity sets and I will be able to tell them the nativity story. I can just see their little hands touching the little figures..and asking questions...*SIGH* I desire!

These are some pictures of the Nativity sets I love the most! I am going to buy myself two of them! The Zulu ones from South Africa and the coconut shell from Haiti! THe rest are on my wish list *cough* *cough* Joe Hougelman!! :

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