Monday, October 20, 2008

David and Linda

This past Sunday we had dinner with my Aunt Linda and Uncle David. We had a wonderful time. David and Linda often came to dinner's at my parent's house, while I was growing up. I always loved to hear David and my Dad talk in a way that only brothers talk to each other. What I remember most of all though, was David bringing my dad snacks, every time He and Linda came to visit. My dad loved food and he loved to snack!
Last night, they came to visit My family and...... brought snacks. It honestly made me want to cry. It was a memory...a tradition..being carried on.
I made a traditional Roast Beef and mashed potatoes dinner, and they were so very appreciative. I can not tell you the joy that it brought me to hear them compare my cooking to my mom's or grandmothers. My mom is the BEST cook ..and she always said she learned from my dad's mom. She taught me how to make a good roast, and I will carry on the tradition to my daughters.
David and Linda are so funny! The way they interact with each other is very unique..They are playful together! I watched them. I watched how they interacted with each other, and they may not admit it..but they are deeply in love with one another. They seem to fit together perfectly! They are a good team!
I loved having a family dinner with them. I loved that my kids got to hear another Christian couple talk about Jesus..and their Christian values. My kids listened and got involved in some of the discussion too.
I also loved listening to David and Linda talk about business. They are smart business people. I wish I would have had more time to listen to their advice and wisdom.
Linda, you told me you read my blog, so THANK YOU for sharing yourselves with my family! I love you and David dearly! Susan

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