Wednesday, October 01, 2008

An auction.

Joe and I took the day off today to attend a reataurant auction! Eppingers restaurant in Portersville was liquidated today. We got some good deals on some equipment for our new restaurant. Yeah!! We got a donut display case, some beautiful new soup bowls, a table and a grill! Joe was most excited about the grill. I was most excited about the donut display case :)
We saw some friends at the auction.. Kevin and Mary Lee Green. Kevin is the director of the City Rescue Mission in New Castle. WE first met Kevin and Mary Lee about 6 years ago, at First Baptist Church. They have followed our dreams of planting a church, and that was the first thing MaryLee asked me about when she saw me. It made me smile. I just love people!
Then we talked about the mission. They were at the auction hoping to get some good deals for the City Rescue mission's kitchen. Unfortunately the bids went pretty high on the items they were interested in.
The rest of the week is going to be equally as busy. It is the pumpkin festival in Volant, Ally's Homecoming is on Saturday, and we have a busload of guests coming for dinner on Sunday night!! Joe said to me yesterday, "Do you think we'll ever have peace again?" We haven't had much peace lately. But life has been fun and exciting!!

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