Friday, October 17, 2008

God is in Charge.

I know I've posted a lot this morning. I feel like there's so many thoughts going on inside of my head, I just can't get all of them out quickly enough! I did want to say this though.. In less than three weeks there will be an election. The two presidential candidates have extremely different values. It is mind numbing, to know that more than 1/2 of our country shares similar values to one of the candidates. Joe said yesterday, "Christians have become the minority." It is true. Most people believe the things Obama believes in. Socialism. Abortion. Homosexual rights. Spreading the Wealth. Ending the war. Gun control. More Government..less independence.

I remember God saying in the Bible.. "Give the people what they want." I believe He is doing that now. Leaving us up to our own devices. Many people feel we dont' need God. We don't need prayer. They are taking God out of everything we do and stand for in the country. You can bet...God will let us have our way. I told you in a previous post..I read Romans. In Romans, it says that God puts people in charge in the government. You MUST remember that GOD is in control of everything! He hears our cries, He knows who is good and evil. He lets us have our free do things our way, but that doesn't mean He isn't still in control!
What ever happens in our future.. remember, we are to be in the world, but not of the world. Keep following God! Keep crying out to Him, keep begging him for mercy and Grace, keep loving Him and trusting in Him. Don't give up fighting for what you believe in. Fight for Jesus Christ! Become a warrior. Do you notice that there are many people saying we are living in the last days..the end times? I think all generations think that. Becausee it's true. Remember, time is different to God, then it is to us. With each generation that passes, I do believe we are closer to the end times. I think prophesizers can see it coming. We are getting closer as each generation passes. Have we ever gotten better morally? Doesn't it seem like as each generation comes we get farther and farther away from God? Do we ever get closer as a society?
THink about clothes, morals..just keep getting worse..and worse..and worse... Imagine what our forefathers would think, if they were alive today? Wow..what a different nation we have become. So far from far from good.........

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