Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lauri Mackaness

Lauri is the real estate agent who handled the sale of The Tavern to us. She wasn't our real estate agent. She was the sellers agent. But.. we spent a lot of time together, and Lauri spent a lot of time taking care of us..talking to us..explaining things to us, and walking us through this whole journey of buying our new restaurant. It felt like she became an advocate for us...maybe not an advocate..but I don't know...friend? Helper? In our corner? She didn't just help us..she was definitely *in my opinion* fair to both parties! She helped the seller get his real estate sold!
Lauri is an INCREDIBLE woman. Not just an amazing real estate agent, which she is..but she is also a wonderful mother and a loving wife. She is a community leader and a beautiful, beautiful Christian woman. I have so much respect for her not only as a business woman, but as a person. Lauri, I hope you see this post someday if you google yourself. : ) You have been so wonderful to us. Thank you so very much. I pray that God pours His blessings all over you and your family. I know He has already and I know that He surrounds you with His love because He lives inside of your heart! Remember to always seek and trust Him in EVERYTHING you do! Don't second guess yourself. Trust your instinct which comes from the Lord!
God Bless You and Thank you Lauri! Susan

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