Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Daniel and ICorinthians

I finished my study on Daniel! How incredible are the prophesies that God showed Daniel? I started reading 1Corinthians and it has shaken me up! Go and read the first few chapters with Paul telling the church that they shouldn't allow sinners in the church! What do you think about that? That goes against everything that I've been believing these last few years. I've felt that we are all sinners and all need forgiven. No one is better than another person. "He who is without sin cast the first stone." But Paul says that we shouldn't allow sinfulness in a church. For example if a church couple is living together and not married, we should kick them out of church until they stop sinning! wHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS???? It's been driving me crazy thinking about it. Have we been being disobedient to God by allowing sin to occur all around us? Don't we all sin???? Is one sin worse than the other? Should we kick out all the obese people, because they are obviously comitting the sin of gluttony? Ack... this is disturbing! I need a pastor to explain it to me! Susan the student of the Bible

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