Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's 5:45 am and I am wide awake!

God is surrounding this journey to New Wilmington! I shouldn't be amazed..because I am a Christ follower. But...honestly..every step I take, it seems as though God has gone before me, or is there, all around! Really..not just this journey to New Wilmington..this whole life..since I gave up my life to God..I've been on a journey. I've been living for Christ and trying to obey Him in everything I do!

I wrote previously, that I have been studying Daniel, and God keeps pointing me to Daniel over and over again! I keep wondering if I'm going to get thrown in the furnace because I keep hearing that story again and again! Is God going to test me? Am I going to have to prove my faith? I have incredible faith! I worry so very little in my life, because I know God is my leader and as long as I follow Him and trust Him and LISTEN to His direction I will be fine. I will be more than fine.. I do listen. I pray on everything I can. I listen for God's voice. I want to do what is right with God. It's not always easy. There are people that oppose things I do in my life, and that is very difficult for me, because I am a person that tries my hardest to do what is right. I can't stand to do wrong. It used to eat at me, if I felt I was wrong. I'd have to make things right.
But those chains have been broken. God has healed me from that burden of trying to make everything all right. I've laid my will down, and ..well have you ever heard of the phrase "Let Go and Let God" That's what I've done.
"Keep following Me" is what God says to me. "Keep your eyes on the prize" "Look this way..don't look down, or backwards or beside you..just look at me."
I love you Lord, so very much. You are my Daddy. My Father who gives me so much love, it makes me feel like I will explode sometimes. Honestly..that is how big my joy is. I have love. My Father's love. In my Father's eyes.. I am wonderful.
That feels good! : )
Okay..I am's early in the morning and I am praising God. See..i can't help it. His love pours from me!
I hope you have a wonderful day today! Make it wonderful!
His Daughter, Susan L. Hougelman

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