Friday, October 24, 2008

A Radio Interview

I was interviewed by Titan Radio today! They are interested in our story about buying the Tavern. It is so much fun to share our story! There's a lot of buzz going on around town! : ) The New Wilmington boro employees came in to our restaurant for lunch today. They have been so kind to us! I feel so much pleasure and excitement being a part of this venture! Everyone around us is seems so excited too! I also made an appointment to be interviewed by the Globe newspaper in New Wilmington. They are going to tell our story! In the newspaper, I am going to not only share our testimony, but ask people to write to us about what they loved about the Tavern, What they didn't love about the Tavern, what kind of food they'd like to see us have, what kind of baked goods are they interested in..any stories..critiques.. anything they'd like to know...we are going to set up a blog, to share our story, a web site, and an email address! We want this restaurant to be LOVED by the town of New Wilmington! We want to exist for the purpose of serving good food, at a reasonable price in a friendly and clean environment! We want people to feel like they are HOME at our restaurant! We want to fall in love with people and have them fall in love with us! We want to make everyone feel loved and respected and fed well when they come through the doors of the Tavern! But most of all..Most of all, we want to give Glory and Honor to God in EVERYTHING we do with the Tavern!!! OOOOOOOOOH! I'm sooooooooooo excited!!

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