Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bringing someone to Christ!

Everyone..Please pray for a friend of mine! Her name is Camille, and she comes from a Catholic Background. She was asking lots of questions today and I got to share the gospel with her!I am soooo excited!!! I told her how to go home and ask Jesus Christ into her heart. I told her that she has to tell God that she's messed up and needs forgiven for her sins! Please everybody who reads this... Please pray for Camille. She needs Jesus. She is looking for Jesus but didn't know how to find Him! Wednesday, I will bring her some books to read. She is searching! I know just what she is looking for!!Iknow WHO she is looking for!!! WOOHOOOOOOOO! GO CAMILLE!! She is about to have a life changing experience! JESUS..I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! Thank-you for Camille! Oh Father, please draw her to You Lord! She needs you! She can touch sooooo many lives and bring so many other poeple to Your Kingdom!!!! Please give Emily and Brenda the right words tommorow to help her along in her journey. Please help me find the right books for her to read..the right words to tell her too Father! Oh God, I want to see Camille in Heaven!! Please help us all help Camille! Thank you LoRD!! And Thank you friends for praying! Don't stop praying!!!

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