Monday, October 20, 2008

MasterMind Meeting Friday!

Had another great mm meeting this past Friday. Anne, Terri and I shared life stories with each other. It was wonderful learning more about these two Godly and business saavy women. I know that God has brought us together and we are going to grow and produce wonderful fruit as a group!
I have to share something that came from this group that truly Rocked my World! Anne and I are starting to grow a friendship. It is in it's early stages, but I feel a deep connection to Anne that I want to cultivate. Terri and I just met two times, but after hearing her speak..hearing her "story", I can't wait to get to know her even more, as well.
After our dinner and story telling, Friday night, I told them about a potential problem that I might encounter at work on Saturday. This is a very busy time of year for us at the restaurant, and we need as many employees to work as possible. Two of my employees are high school students. They called me up Friday and told me that their soccer coach called a surprise practice session for Saturday and they wouldn't be able to work.
I told them that they HAD to work!!!! ACK!! This would have been a disaster, if they didn't work..we needed them desperately.
I even called their coach up and begged him to release the girls to work.. (He wouldn't).
So, I told this to Anne and Terri.. Terri, who owns her own florist shop in New Wilmington (Flowers on the Vine)..said, "I'll come help you if you need me to.) I didn't take her seriously..just laughed her off. She was telling me earlier that she was busy because it was homecoming, and she had homecoming flowers to get ready. As a matter of fact, she had to leave our dinner, and go back to work after 10:ooPm!!
Saturday rolls around..and about 12:00...Terri shows up at my restaurant and asked if I needed her to help out!! I was blown away. She hardly knows me. She was willing to be put to work?? That is of God! That is a Godly witness..that is an incredible woman!! Who would do that???? I's one thing to offer help..but to really show up!!!! WOAH! rocked my world. It spoke a billion words of that woman's character!
Terri.. thank you for your kindness. You blew me away..and that doesn't happen very often! I am so looking forward to seeing what this group will accomplish!! : ) Susan

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