Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Food Show @ Seven Springs!

Joe and I spent Monday night @ Seven Springs Resort and attended a food show on Tuesday. We had a fantastic time! We sampled so many different foods, honestly my stomach became bloated!! Reinhardt rolls out the red carpet for it's clients and we always enjoy ourselves. We came back with some great ideas for the Tavern! : )
I love spending time alone with my husband. After 19 years, I love holding hands while we walk, and giggling over silly things. I love riding in the car with him and singing 80's songs together. He's still my man : )
Here's what we liked the most.

FRIED GREEN BEANS! Some of you might have tried these at T.G.I.Fridays! We never have. But we tried them at the food show and loved them!! WHo would have thought??FRIED GREEN BEANS????
We also found some great new side dishes and sampled a lot of meats. We've got to start working on our new menu!!!!!!WOOHOOO!

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