Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My day of rest : )

I feel so much better now! Yesterday could not have been any more satisfying then it was!
I started off the day @ 7:00 am walking with my friend Tracy. That may not seem restful to some, but I love walking, and I love mornings and I love my friend Tracy! We walked for 45 minutes, breathing in the cool crisp morning air! It felt wonderful! After I came home from walking, I stripped and jumped back into bed! The girls didn't have school yesterday, so they were still sleeping. We have this incredible down comforter on our bed, that keeps us so warm and snuggly. I buried myself inside of the covers and guess what? I slept until noon!!! Joe woke me up to say good-bye, but other than that I was snoozin'! It felt so good!

Ally came into my bed at noon, and we discussed our plans for the day. I wanted to go to the movies. (By the way..if you didn't know it, Westgate Cinemas has five dollar movies all day and evenings on Mondays AND you get free popcorn! It's a great deal!) The girls decided they'd rather stay home and relax, so I made a run to Dunkin Donuts and bought us coffee and pumpkin donuts! I also ran to the store and got some groceries to make a special dinner..thanking my girls and husband for working so hard this weekend! They did such a great job at the restaurant, I wanted to show them my appreciation. So I bought a pot roast, and apples to make apple pie and some sparkling juice..(THEY LOVE SPARKLING JUICE...It's their version of champagne!)
So all afternoon I cooked!It was pleasureful to listen to music and take my time to make dinner.. We set the table with our fancy dishes, and we had pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, brussel sprouts, corn, salad, hot rolls and homemade apple pie for dessert! mmmmm! We toasted our successful weekend and filled our bellies up!
After dinner, Lauren said, "Mom, aren't you going to the movies?" I said, "It's too late, I have to clean up from dinner."
She said, "GO MOMMY! I'll clean up!!" *faint* WOAH!!!!! I went! I fled! I was joyous! I saw Nick and Norah's infinite play list.. *Hated it* Loved the music though! and then Joe met me at the theater (looking very handsome and smelling very fine!!) We saw An American Carol.. GREAT MESSAGE, but too much stupidity!
When I got home the kitchen was clean!! Yeah!
Also.. after we got home, the girls were in a really silly mood! Lauren came downstairs with a funny hair style and that's all it took... Here are some pictures I took of the GOOFY People that I can't help but to be in love with!! : )

Those are ALly's hair extensions Joe has made into a mullet!! lol

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