Saturday, March 15, 2008

Trial by Jury..

The business expo was wonderful! Joe and I met many new friends and I saw many old friends that I hadn't seen in a long time. I just love talking to people. New Wilmington in my hometown and it was great to be "home". : )
We sold almost all the food we brought along to sell. I think we will get quite a few new customers.
I will tell you the highlight of my day though...
A few months ago, I had the priviledge of sitting on a jury in a malpractice case. It was a trial in which a mother was suing her son's orthopedic surgeon, saying that he was negligent in treating her son's Mersa infection. The trial lasted six days. It was very interesting. I felt very strongly, after hearing all the evidence, that the doctor was not negligent, so whenever it came time for us to vote guilty or not guilty, I voted not-guilty. BUT... 10 out of the twelve of us jurors thought the doctor was negligent. It made my heart break! I was so passionately certain that he did nothing wrong. I tried to argue for what I believed in, but I couldn't get anyone to change their mind. So, they voted him guilty and awarded the mother and her son 250,000 dollars.
Today, one of our customers at the expo, was the judge who sat over the case. I told him that I was one of the jurors, and reminded him of the case. He told me this. "In all of the cases I've sat over, there have only been a handful that I disagreed with the jury. I was shocked that the verdict in this case was guilty. Between you and me, I thought the doctor was an excellent doctor, and was not guilty of negligence. I disagreed with this verdict. Also..the jury gave them a lot of money." *wimper* I wish I could have been more persuasive in my arguments to the jurors, but I am not eloquent or articulate or a good persuasionist!
I respect the justice system but I wish the trial would have turned out differently. Peace out, Susan

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