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Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching: 32.5 Strategies to Ring Your Own (Cash) Register in Business and Personal Success

It's a very easy read! To sum it Patterson's Principles are worth keeping on your desk. Here's a list of the 32.5 principles covered in the book:

1. Think!
2. Self-belief
3. Positive mental attitude is determined by you. Not others.
4. Boot camp separates the winner from the wanna-be winner.
5. Survival and success are a combination of knowing and doing.
6. Studying. The first discipline of knowledge.
7. Your library is the artisan well of knowledge.
8. Planning prevents wandering and provides direction.
9. Use "today time management."
10. Prospect for probably purchasers to build your business organically.
11. Increase business connections to increase sales.
12. Creating the demand converts selling to buying.
13. A prepared demonstration means personalized.
14. Gain interest with information about the customer.
15. Questions lead to answers. Answers lead to harmony. Answers lead to productivity. Answers lead to customers.
16. Listening leads to understanding
17. Less sell-talk-time lead to more-buy-time.
18. Your message must be as compelling as your product to engage anyone - especially your customer.
19. An objection is the gateway to a sale.
20. Selling is not manipulating; selling is harmonizing.
21. Complete the sale with an agreement to buy and be certain to give them a receipt
22. Service is the reputation for the next sale. And the basis for a loyal customer.
23. Extra service leads to the "testimonial word."
24. Referrals are better earned than asked for.
25. Advertising brings awareness. Testimonial advertising brings customers.
26. Success in business is not just about people, it's about GREAT people.
27. Competition means prepare to be your best.
28. Recognize and thank those who have helped you succeed.
29. To get loyalty, you must GIVE loyalty.
30. Decide. It doesn't matter if it's right or wrong. Decide!
31. You become known by the actions you take. Take ethical actions.
32. If you have done your homework and prepared well, it will be evident in your success report card.
32.5 If it has been working for 100 years or more, don't even think about up here are his 32.5 strategies.

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