Thursday, March 13, 2008

My rant..

I was going to complain about my day..but you know what? I actually ended up having a GREAT day today! Today was my sister's birthday. This picture of Paris and Nikki Hilton look a lot like although I don't have a real picture of us together on my computer..just imagine this is me and my sister Amy. I'm Paris and She is Nikki by the way...
Anyways...I surprised her with a birthday package and she called this morning to tell me that she received it and liked it.
I found the most perfect card for her. It had a picture of a lady from the 60's in one of those "Mod" dresses. It said, "you know how a good bottle of wine can sometimes make you think you are a really good dancer?" "I hope you have that kind of birthday!" THen I sent her a bottle of wine,
and a girl's night out cd
and also a cute little bracelet.
We talked for made me realize how much I miss her and how badly I wish that we had a good relationship. I love you sister. More than any of these words can express. I hope that you know, I am always here for you, if you need me and that I think about you EVERY single day. I am so proud of the woman that you are. You are an AWESOME mom!!!!!!!! You deserve to be loved an honored today and all the rest of your days. Happy Birthday!! I love you!!
Then I had a crappy day at work, but let's move on...
I am reading a most incredible book (I finished my cha ching book last night), but I'm not going to tell you about it until I'm finished! Then I talked to Brenda on the phone...I love her...did I tell you that already? I think I did...We so ride the same wavelength.. we are very different personalities..but we just click..
Then Joe and I had a very wonderful conversation. Joe is brilliant. Really, I'm not just saying that...I complain a lot about Joe...and he knows I do..but he has a lot more intelligence then I do.. I admire and respect him immensely (this week!) *wink* Those who get that..know me TOO WELL!!!!! : )
Then tonight I talked to my oldest Sister Dianna. I love her too : ) She makes me laugh a lot and I feel very close to her. She is my oldest sister. She's my protector. My sweeeet, sweeet sister who loves me unconditionally! I feel that from her. Please pray for her son Brandon, when you pray. He joined the army and is currently in Oklahoma at boot camp. She worries daily for him. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated.
Well, I feel like there is a ton more to talk about, but it's 1:30 AM... 1:30 AM?????????? What am I doing up still? Good-night, or good morning if you are still here reading this... Love one another. : ) Susan L.

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