Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Thursday in the life..

7:00 am- my sister early in the morning...I want to sleep more!
7:15 am- Nikki in my bed licking my face.. (Go to sleep Nikki!!!)I want more sleep!
7:45 am- fully awake..shower..dressed
8:30 am- Dentist appt. I HATE GETTING MY TEETH CLEANED!! Does anyone else? I hate it..I hate when they scrape the tartar off of my makes them so sensitive, and I hate the polishing because it tickles and is so uncomfortable and I hate the taste of the polish... and it cost one hundred dollars. One hundred dollars for tickling and torturing my just doesn't seem right!
9:30 am-stopped at Dunkin' Donuts and got the kids breakfast
9:45 am-ran and got the girls some movies to watch for tonight
10:15 am-off to work
10:30 am-work..
kind of a boring day..
4:30 pm-home again..Ally cleaned the house for me!! YEAH!! Ally is a mini Martha Stewart! She does a better job cleaning then I do!
5:00 Made sugar cookies (pictures to follow)-decorated cookies with Lauren (my artist)
7:00 pm getting ready to dye easter eggs (pictures to follow)
Watching a movie tonight with Ally, Gary, Lauren and Joe....
Makin popcorn and eating some of our sugar cookies...
That's my thursday : )
Oh....The best part! I forgot to tell you..
I came home and Lauren said, "How was your day mom?" I said, "Actually Lauren, my day was fantastic!" She said, "mom, all your days are fantastic!" She's right.
IT'S ALL IN YOUR ATTITUDE!! She notices...

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