Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bomb Threat

Please pray for my children and everyone at NCHS. There have been many bomb threats throughout the year. The latest one, was a threat for the rest of the school year. "Something soon is going to happen to NCHS" It is a horrible feeling to drop your kids off at school, knowing of that threat. Lauren said she was scared to go to school today. When she got out of the car, she said, "In case I don't see you ever again, tell Dad I love him." There were police cars all over the place, and they were standing at the doors, checking all the kids' bags and wanding them.
I wanted to keep them home with me..I wanted to protect and shelter them and keep them safe. It's so hard to let them go. This is where my Faith and Trust in God, must stay strong. I surrender to you Lord. You know what is to become of them. They are in your hands. Please Lord, keep them safe. I love you and trust you!
Please pray too. Thanks, Susan

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