Monday, April 21, 2008

Women's expo @ the Scottish Rite Cathedral in New Castle

Saturday, I attended a conference called "A conference of women" For women, by women, about women. I have to tell you it was one of the best events I have ever attended. Before I go on, let me tell you this..Remember a month or so ago, I wrote to you that God was planning something in my life..I actually said, that God was moving, I felt Him? Have you ever felt that?
When you ask Jesus Christ to come live into your heart, He literally comes to live inside of your heart (soul) in the form of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, (Jesus living inside of you) is what convicts you of right and wrong..that guides you to the right path..what lets you know you are sinning. The closer you get to God, the more you talk to Him and form a deep relationship with Him, the more in tune you become with the Holy Spirit. (That's how it is for me anyways!) : ) So when God is doing something in my life..or I'm on the right path..or the wrong path..I can feel it is right..or wrong. So when God is guiding me, or I don't know how else to explain it..just moving..or doing something.. I can feel that too. I felt something new was coming a few months ago...The wind changed...My mourning for the church plant not working out (YET!!!!) was coming to an end..
So, the way God has worked in my life before, started happening again. I believe God put a vision in my heart and He started dong things to confirm this was the right direction for me to go, like sending people my way, opening doors and presenting opportunities, to confirm this new path I am on is the right one!
So... one of those opportunities came my way.
I usually work every Saturday. But I heard about this conference, and I felt that nudge from God that I should attend this. Unless, I write something down on my calendar, I usually forget about it..but this kept coming up over and over again. A woman in Volant had a free ticket for this event, so she sent an email asking if anyone wanted the ticket.. I did! : ) Karen Flynn was able to work for me on everything just worked out for me to be able to go.
I didn't even have anyone to go with, which could have been a deterent, but I truly felt like I was supposed to Go. (Again, I believe that's God in me!)
So at 9:15 am, I took Ally to play practice and I headed across the street to the Scottish Rite Cathedral.

The conference was downstairs. I went down the stairs and registered. Each woman got a tote bag filled with goodies which was wonderful! I entered the room filled with women! Right up front there was a large table filled with coffee's and juices and pastries. I grabbed a cup of coffee and went to look for a place to sit. Every table seemed to be filled! But right away a woman called out to me that there was an empty seat at her table, so I went and sat down. I did not know anybody at the table, but the women were very friendly and kind! As I got adjusted, I looked at the names of the women at my table, and recognized a few of their names. One woman was from the United Way, one was a mortgage broker, another was the head of the Career Link in New Castle, One was a financial advisor... I looked around and I saw many women I knew and many women leaders that I recognized. I began to feel buzzed!! Do you ever get so feel that buzzing inside of you? I buzzed!!

I've got to read you the first page of the brochure they passed out, that had the intenerary of the day's events on it. It said:
Welcome to our first Lawrence County Women's Conference!
Talent, resources and opportunities abound in our community and allow for women from all walks of life to choose a brighter future. Today we want to bring to your attention the diversity of support and knowledge awaiting you to grow personally and professionally through networking and learning from other women in your community. Please look around you and know that these are your peers. As any one of us rises, we all by some degree are elevated. Therefore, let us suport and enc`ourage one another as we learn and grow today. Thank you for taking time for yourself, and for being part of Lawrence County history.
They began the conference with opening remarks (which I missed because I was 15 minutes late) then Joanne Mcbride of the Lawrence County Tourist Promotion Agency spoke about the up and coming opportunities in Lawrence County with the race track and casino coming to Mahoningtown.
Then Linda Nitch spoke about the race track and casino and talked more indepth about all the jobs and business opportunities this will provide!! *perk*
Next, there were mini-conferences that you got to attend. Some examples were, "money basics" "holistic living" "Negotiation skills" "Dressing Trendy" etc..

Instead of going to one of the conferences, I started walking around to the little booths and talking to some of the women in charge of the booths. There are so many opportunites available to women that want to open their own business!! I never knew!! make this massive post come to an end.. I networked, and I met so many wonderful women business leaders, and learned so much information..I did not want the day to end!! I could have stayed and talked to people forever!! I learned so much information, and this conference really took me MUCH farther down the road to where I want to go, then I was before I attended it!<

I am so grateful and thankful for these women who put on this conference and for all of the women that I met and networked with and who gave me such great help and information for my future! If you are still reading this post..hehe..and get the chance GO to this conference next year! It was wonderful!!

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