Thursday, April 17, 2008

Brenda and I and a few girlfriends are doing a Beth Moore Study called living beyond yourself. This is my first Beth Moore study and I'm already LOVING her!! She is so witty and sweet and has such an incredible heart for God. She shines and I love people like that! They inspire me! So anyways..she said this one line, in her talk last night that I'm going to steal from her. She said, "My life is an exclamation point." THAT IS SOOOO ME!!! My life is an exclamation point! It really is! I feel that excitement 99 percent of the soon as I wake up in the's there!! When I go to bed at thoughts are like this !!!!!!

I use tons of exclamation points when I write..because it's how I feel! She said, "I"m a 46 year old cheerleader." lol I feel that way too! Oh... so cool! My life is an exclamation point! LOVE IT!

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