Monday, April 14, 2008

Ally, Joe and I, had an amazing day yesterday! We went to the Bodies exhibit at the Carnegie Science Center. BODIES…The Exhibition is a groundbreaking educational exhibition exploring the complex interrelation of the systems of the human body. Showcasing real human bodies to demonstrate the amazing engineering that is the human body, BODIES…The Exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to see themselves in a fascinating way like never before.
With more than a dozen full body specimens and 200 organs and partial body specimens – both healthy and diseased – BODIES…The Exhibition provides an educational experience that goes far beyond text books, classroom lectures, photographs and simulated models.
Wow! It really was an experience we will never forget! Being able to look at the entire human body from the inside out was incredible.
Afterwards we took a trip to Station Square and had dinner @ The Hard Rock Cafe. They had a competition going on called School of Rock! It featured bands made up of Kids..I mean, YOUNG KID ROCKERS!! It was really cute to see these kids dressed in Rock attire and playing their instruments and singing...
We loved it! Here are some pics we took @ the Hard Rock Cafe..we weren't allowed to take any at the bodies exhibition.

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