Friday, April 04, 2008

Just open the door...

I've had a very interesting week. God is doing something in my life..I feel it..I feel Him. I've had this happen before..change is coming.
I worked 9 hours at the restaurant yesterday. There was not an hour that went by that I didn't end up talking about Jesus with someone. All day..
Jesus..I am so honored to be your apostle. You are my air. You are my life.
Lord, thank you for loving me, just the way that I am. Thank you for accepting me, with all of my faults.

One of the men I talked to yesterday was telling his step-grandaughter about how he came to know Christ and how he witnesses to people. He said, "You've got to invite him into your life. He isn't just gonna come in, uninvited. If you went to someone's house, you aren't going to just walk right wait until they let you in. Well Jesus is like that. Open the door and let him in!"
I loved that. I love people. I love you. Just Open the door.

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