Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Wow! I had a fantastic day today! Life is is great right now!! This morning I met with Karen Miller, who has her own tour guide business. We talked about business and she gave me some great ideas! We talked a lot about what will happen with this area if the casino comes to Mahoningtown! She had so many good thoughts and ideas. Karen is a smart lady and I enjoyed meeting with her!
We were SLAMMED at work! It was the kind of slammed that I love. I had the best customers today..ones that were full of restaurant compliments and personal compliments and to top it off they were great tippers! I made 115 dollars, from 11:00 to 3:00 today, just in tips! I wish it could be like that every day! : )
I don't hold me to this..I THINK that I made a decision today of which direction I will go..which business I'm going to try to conquer!!!! I have to pray about it and spend more time thinking about it...before I make this final decision!
Tonight is LADIES NIGHT!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO! I love ladies night! We're meeting at Emily's for some good food, fun and friendship! Ally has play practice...tommorow is the big day!!! Joe is going to go over his dad's and hang out with him tonight. Lauren is still not feeling well, so she's going to relax. Hopefully she'll be well enough for school tommorow! She's missed the past two days.
I hope you're enjoying life! Peace out! Susan

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