Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Please pray for Ally this week! Lots of things are happening in her life right now and she needs prayer! One of the things is the play (42nd Street) that she is in! They practice and practice and practice, and it takes a toll on the kids. I've noticed a definite change in her personality this past month, and it hasn't been easy to deal with. There are other things that I would like you to pray for her over... she is now driving in cars with friends. She is sixteen and it is time for this to occur, but it is not easy for me to let her have this freedom. I ache over it..I let her go..but I ache! The third prayer request for Ally is that she is breaking up with her boyfriend of over a year. Breakups are not easy.. It's been an emotional rollercoaster around my house with her lately..
Thank you my friends and family! I love you! Susan

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