Monday, April 21, 2008

Shopping @ the Grove City Outlets!

I took Ally to the Grove City Outlets on Saturday after the conference. We all needed dresses for the wedding of Miss Danica Scott next Saturday! We stopped at the Gap and I picked up two casual skirts that I love!! It is so wonderful to be able to shop at ANY STORE and find things that look good on you! Ally bought a cardigan that she's been wanting for a while and also a pair of cute sandles. Next, we went to Rue 21 which is Lauren's favorite store! It's FUNKY, like her! We found her a perfect ensemble for her to wear to the wedding, which usually isn't easy..she's very picky about clothes, but we were sure she'd like this outfit!! (SHE DID!!)
Next we peeked into American Eagle, but nothing caught our eye. Off to Dress Barn, where I got a GORGEOUS outfit for the wedding! I was going to wear a dress, but this outfit was too cute to pass up. It's a turquoise blue and black silk top, and a pair of white capris! TOO CUTE!! SO I bought that, along with some jewelry to wear! (I wish I could post pics!.. I will next Saturday while I'm at the wedding!), and then Ally wanted to find something at the Black and White store..and she did!! She found a beautiful white dress to wear Saturday! We all got outfits that coordinate beautifully together! I can't wait to show you!!
So we had a fun afternoon together on Saturday! It was nice having the day off.

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