Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Vietnamese Story..

I went to get my nails done yesterday. I've gotten my nails done..maybe three times in my life. I like how they look, but they are not very comfortable to me! I sat there and watched the women sit at the tables of the vietnamese technicians, and barely say a word to them. How strange, I thought to myself, to sit with someone for about 1/2 an hour and not converse! To's as though you're not treating someone as human..or less than you are, if you don't talk with them. That's just how I feel.. how can you not have contact with someone touching your hands and making them look so beautiful?
So when it was my turn, I sat down at the table of a man who looked to be about my age..42. I asked him his name. Lee. Lee, I said? Bruce Lee, he said.
Where are you from originally?, I asked "Vietnam.", he answered. I continued to make conversation with him. His dad was an American soldier in Vietnam. He died in the war. Because He is part american, he got to come to this country and stay. He works in nail salons all over the country, wherever they need someone. He works 10 hour days , 7 days a week. He has no family in the United States, and no friends. He works to send money back home to take care of his mother. They have a hard time making money in Vietnam. He has no car, so he usually lives within walking distance of the nail salons he works at. He speaks little English, so he has a hard time getting around. He said he goes no where but work! He is very lonely. He told me that again and again. The people that own the nail salons, they are usually a family. They open these salons and bring family members to America. Sometimes they need extra help, and that's where Lee fits in. I asked him if the Vietnamese Nail Salon owners befriend him, and he said, "No, only at work." They don't talk to him outside of work. I found that so strange..and hard to understand. He can't find a woman to marry, because he has no money. It all goes to his family in Vietnam. He said his whole life is He said, the people in Vietnam think Americans live like they do on TV. You know ..the whole Beverly Hills, Celebrity kind of life style? They think everyone lives like celebrities do! He said, his family back home thinks he lives like that. He won't tell them otherwise..his mom worries so much about him. So as lonely as he is, he pretends he has a great life. Once a year, after the New Year in January, he travels back home for three weeks to see his family. That is what he lives for, Li told me. He had tears in his eyes, when he talked about home. He misses is to much, but he can't disappoint his family, by not staying in the USA and working. He is a buddhist, so doesn't know Jesus Christ. can we help him? What can we do to show him Jesus's love? Help me please..God has put this burden on my heart! There must be 1000s of people like Li in this country! How can we get them to know Jesus? Please..if you can help...if you can pray..let's do something for this guy! Who knows..maybe if we reach him and show him the love of Christ...just to love him and show him friendship and kindness, maybe he can show it to other Vietnamese friends here in American and back home!!!

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