Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My girls..

Lauren was laying on my bed with me yesterday. We were having snuggle time. She asked, "Do you love me just a little bit more than Ally, mom?" I smiled at her, because she KNOWS I will never, ever say I love one of my girls more than the other one. I could never even choose one to win a contest over the other one. They used to get so mad at me, because they wanted a winner, but I couldn't do it.
Lauren continued, "Come on like spending more time with me, right? I'm your buddy..more your friend then Ally!"
I smiled again. I said, "Lauren.. a mom loves her children 100 percent. It's not 50 for your and 50 for Ally. It's 100 for you and 100 for Ally. If I had more children, I would love them 100 percent too. I LOVE being with you. I love your peronality. I love your creativity. I love the way God made you! I love that you are loving and caring and snuggly!"
And I love Ally for her kindness and her sweet personality. Ally's a hard worker and has a great sense of style. I love the way that God made her too!
Then I said, "What do you think? Who do you think I love more?"
She smiled and said, "me"
Do you want to know something funny?
I asked Ally the same question. Who does she think I love more.. She said, "me"

Girls.. I love you with ALL of my heart. I couldn't love you any more or any less.

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