Saturday, May 24, 2008

I just want to tell you how wonderful you are. I know you are probably embarrassed, and saying "Oh, Sue!" right now, but I want you to know just how Great I think you are! You are honest and sincere, and it's weird that it works this way, but not too many people, even friends, even close friends, will tell you the truth. You tell me the truth. You do it in such a kind, loving way though. It doesn't hurt, because I know you care and have my best interests at heart. I need truth in my life, and you are the first person I'd turn to, to seek it out. You give honest opinions, you aren't fluffy and phoney. I love that so much about you!! You are also a great listener. You will listen to me ramble on and on and on..and go from one topic to another, and change my mind 100 times within one conversation, and understand when I speak in broken sentences.... *breath* whew... and you listen to it all and you still want to talk with me, even after all that!!! See.. that really is AMAZING!!!!!
It's not just your honesty..and not just your great ability to listen's your heart for God that comes through in EVERYTHING you say! Christ is so in you, and He's evident in all your words of advice. They are ALWAYS Godly. Not sometimes...always. You speak Jesus into me. Do you understand how important that is to me, especially at this time in my life, when I don't have too many people speaking Jesus into me. You are are are are authentic and real and solid. You don't realize how precious you are, and how important those qualities are.
You asked me yesterday, if I thought you were loving. I told you, you weren't a fluffy kind of loving, but Brenda, you show your love abundantly in many other ways, You are loyal..faithful..sincere..true..
I wish I had a picture of you to post here(next time we meet, I'm bringing my camera!!!) so everybody could see the light that lives inside of you that shines through your beautiful, stylish, cool exterior!!
You know what? We've grown so much together..haven't we? I just thought of and I have grown together.. like sisters. You feel like a sister to me! Now if only we had that mentoring mother that we long for to tell us what to do, how to do guide us, to PUSH us!
Anyway..Brenda, my sister, my friend, let's keep dreaming, and learning, and growing together! I want you to know that I've got your back! I'm here for you..I wish I could express it in a better way..but I want you to know..that you don't ever have to have your shield up, your gaurd up with me. I promise you. (You know what I mean with that..I am real too! : ))
I want to thank you again and again for all that you teach me, and share with me, and dream about with me..and for listening to me, and accepting me... My sister, my friend.
I love you. Sue

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