Sunday, September 14, 2008

My 43rd Birthday! friends,
I had the most beautiful day today that a woman could ever desire! Thank you my family and my friends for your love! You shower me with love, and it makes my heart swollen! I am so deeply content right now and overflowing with that love! *sigh*

My birthday blessings started yesterday. I got a beautiful card from my mom and sister. I went to work and my friends honored me with gifts and cards and homemade cookies! I came home to find the beautiful roses on my doorstep to top of a great day yesterday!
....Then..this morning, I woke up to hear my daughter Ally cleaning my house for me! She made coffee, lit candles and put on some soft music before she came to my room and woke me up! I got up and she had decorated our dining room (The same tradition that I do for everyone's birthday) and sat on the table a BEAUTIFUL basket filled with things that I love.
She thought of this idea, and shopped and paid for it completely on her own! She was so excited to make things special for me!! I have to share with you the card that she got me.. the words she wrote touched my soul and of course it made me cry!!!

This is what the card said:
Happy Birthday mom. I'll always count on your love

You loved me through all of my ages and stages, the silly, the awkward the difficult too. You counseled a little, listened a lot, let me decide for myself what to do.
you helped me develop a confident spirit by helping but letting me find my own way. Thanks for your faith in me, thanks for the love, and for being the mom I still count on today.

Then she wrote...

Dear mom, I read this card and thought it was PERFECT! I couldn't ask for any better mom in the world! You treat me, Lauren and Dad so good and now it's your turn to feel the love! Happy Birthday Mom! I love you so much! Ally!

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Can you see why my heart is so pumped up!!??!!! My daughter is 16 and we have the most beautiful relationship! awwwww *sigh* Blessed!!!1

Then... Lauren my 15 year old made me a GORGEOUS card being the artist that she is!
She drew a beautiful picture for me and wrote, "Happy Birthday mom! I love you so much! I hope your birthday is extra special!" Love Lauren

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! But then.... If that isn't awesome enough..she gave me 43 dollars out of her savings account!
I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is so generous and giving and loving! I am so very very blessed!
I am bragging I know..but I just can't help it! They really are that wonderful! My girls and I are the very best of friends. We are FAMILY!!!

Then Joe gave me a card filled with money and he made us all a delicious breakfast and cleaned up too!!!!! My best friend from high school called to wish me a happy birthday and we made plans to celebrate this week! Then...

We all got showered and headed to boardman so I could spend my birthday cash! I bought some new clothes and a coat and a few more autumn scented candles! Remember how I wrote that I was missing fun in my life! Well today..we had fun! We were sooo silly today! We took lots of funny pictures and laughed and acted silly at the mall! We just had a great time!! We had my birthday dinner at Outback Steakhouse (Even though we just ate there last week, I waited the girls to have a good steak dinner!)and then we came home! On my doorstep was a gift to one of my dearest friends Karen Jameson! She bought me a beautiful sign that says, "DREAM: Let your dreams set the direction in your life" and also a beautiful journal! She knows my loves! you can see I've had the most fantastic birthday! I am smiling so big right now I can barely contain it!

And this is how we are ending the day.... finally getting to drink that champagne that Joe bought..*wink* Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!

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