Monday, September 29, 2008

The Ilyiad and the Strip District!

I had such a blast today with Lauren! We both decided that we are city girls. I love the city and so does Lauren! We both love culture and art and creativity! We love being surrounded by people and we love new experiences.
We saw the Ilyiad at a beautiful theater today. It was a play done in the traditional Greek style. It was sooo good!! I loved it!
Then we went to the strip district and walked around and had lunch. We ate at a little place called the Enrico Biscotti company
They were voted one of the top ten bakeries in the country by the food network! That was AWESOME to check them out because I soon am going to be opening a bakery in New Wilmington! I came back with a lot of ideas!!! Joe and I are going to have to take a field trip to spend more time learning from the masters!!
We also checked out The Macaroni Company, Whollys fish market, Mon Aimee Chocolat store and a sweet little five and dime store that Lauren loved!! We stopped and had coffee at a little cafe' and sat outside and drank our coffee and ate chocoate! Oh we also stopped at Pittsburgh Popcorn company.. YUM!!!
My stomach hurts from eating so much junk food. But it was wonderful to get ideas for our restaurant.
Lauren and I had so much fun being together. We snuggled and cuddled and held hands and walked around and just enjoyed each other's company. We needed that bonding time together! I am so grateful!
Now...tonight, I have to go and pick Ally's dress up and have her final fitting. Then Joe and I are going to get some cheese and wine and watch the Steeler game together!
Tommorow we both work, but afterwards we're taking the girls to Boardman so Ally can spend her birthday money, and then we are taking them out to our favorite Wing place 3WS, where wings are 1/2 price! Busy week ahead, but more fun then usual is planned! I hope you have a great week too dear reader! Live life to the fullest! Love God, Love others and Love yourselves! Susan

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