Saturday, September 27, 2008

Daniel and other things

I've been studying Daniel in my Bible lately. You know what is amazing to me? I've read the Bible continuously once, then I read it again..not just reading it but studying it..and I've read different books, chapters, sections, verses many, many times...Every time I read the Bible, God speaks to me, or shows me something new, or I see something in a different way.. A light bulb turns on..a paradigm shift...looking at the words from a different angle! You know what I mean? It's soooooo awesome!
Well I've been reading Daniel and talking about it with some different friends. I feel like God has me reading Daniel to show me something. I feel my Holy Spirit guiding me there. Daniel was such a faithful God follower. He stood up for his beliefs when he was all alone, and even facing death, he would not bow down to any other Gods. Something struck me while I was reading Daniel. There is going to be a judgement day. We are all going to stand in front of Christ, and we are going to be held accountable for our lives, what we did here on Earth. God lets us have that free will..he doesn't make us be a certain way..worship good..etc. It's our choice! I want Jesus to be proud of me, when I stand before Him! I want to bring people closer to Christ! I want to change the world! I want to do good! I soooo want to do good! I want to make a difference in people's lives.
When I open this new restaurant, I want to touch people's lives! Not only do I want to bring good food to a community, I want to bring good times, family moments and memories. I want to be able to talk to my customers and show them Jesus inside of me! I want to love on them. Show them encouragement and love! I LOVE PEOPLE!!! I love to make people feel good! I love to show respect and thoughtfulness and kindness! I want to make people smile! I want to hug them and show them how important they are! I want to give back, all that Jesus has done for me and has given me! Oh Lord, I pray that you allow me to spread your love as much as I can!
Lord please don't ever stop showing my heart, that life and love is all about YOU and don't ever let me forget that YOU are first and most important! Guide me, teach me, give me wisdom, grow me, fill my heart with your love so I can give it away!
Thank you Lord for everything!! I love you so much!!!
Yesterday a woman came into my restaurant with her two daughters. She must have cancer, because she was wearing a wig, and she didn't look healthy. I know of this woman. Last year, her thirty year old son died of a heart attack. I could see it in her. She looked beaten. She loooked so sad.
I treated her with as much kindness and respect as I could. But I should have paid for her lunch. I didn't think of it at the wasn't until later in the day...Dang..I could have brought her just a little bit of happiness. Dang.. Lord help me to see those little things that I can bring people happiness. Don't let me miss opportunities! There are so many opportunities!

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