Monday, September 22, 2008

A life lesson today...

I love the Lord so much! Today, I was listening on my ipod, to sermon's by my favorite pastor in the whole world..Perry Noble. He has been doing a series from Exodus.. It's midnight now what? Today his sermon was about how bad things can happen to good people..even Christians *gasp*..but we need to keep praising God and trusting Him. He talked about Paul who had been following God with his whole life, who got put in prison and was severely beaten and held in stocks. Paul sang hymns to God while he was in prison, probably hurting so badly...
It made me cry. God is so good. I often want to quit and give up so easily if something isn't going right.. but we have to trust God and to keep going and keep praising God as we're going. God didn't say our lives would be a matter of fact, most of the leaders in the Bible had a really difficult life while they were following God.
Last night, I got mad at Joe. I was feeling neglected and needed some affection and he said he had too much on his mind to give it to me. My first thoughts are.. "I want a new husband." honestly.. that's how I think. I want out of this's too difficult! It's not fair. I don't get treated as well as I should by my husband. I deserve more! I want somebody who will give me more!
I slammed our bedroom door and went into our spare bedroom. Joe came in about 10 minutes later and said, "Sue, come to bed. Let me love you." He said, "Sue, we're a team. The only way we're going to get through this journey we are embarking on, is to be a team together. We can't get broken..we've got to stay strong..together."
I came to bed and he loved me. see.. I didn't see what he was saying..I didn't get it, until I heard Perry's sermon today. Until I heard it from God too.
Even through tough've got to stay comitted! I've got to stay comitted! Divorce is not an option! Do you know what I'm saying here? Divorce has become so's an easy way out. It's hard to stick it stay commited. But God wants us to. We made that comittment before God! We made a vow! Through tough times ..good and BAD. and there will be bad in all marriages.
We're a team. God brought us together. We are so much stronger as a team.
You can listen to the sermon here

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