Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Great day..

But I'm exhausted : ) (In a good way!) We started off the morning meeting with our real estate agent to go over some details about our sales agreement. Then I had lunch with the wonderful and beautiful Anne Bruening. We may be starting a small group for women business owners from New Wilmington for mentoring sessions! I love the thought of that! Then Joe and I rode to Boardman to look for my birthday present (didn't find what I wanted) and we stopped at BARNES & NOBLE *sigh* I love Barnes and Noble.. I got three books..


and this one..

Hopefully they will be helpful in our new business!
We then had dinner at our favorite place... OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE! We brainstormed and chatted..just had a good time together.
The girls are doing much better at school. They are adjusting. Tommorow I have a meeting with Lauren's gifted support teacher. It seems like New Wilmington has a lot more to offer their students then New Castle.
Tommorow evening Ally and I are going shopping for Homecoming dresses. She has a date for New Castle's homecoming.

Busy week ahead.. it just doesn't slow down! Susan

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