Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Got together with Brenda yesterday. We sat outside of Steamers coffee house at a little bistro table. Ahhhh, that is one of my greatest pleasures. Meeting friends for coffee and chat. Brenda fills my cup up. She is refreshment to me. I was telling her that God is so incredibly smart, and knows us so well. He has made it a commandment for us to honor the Sabbath, by resting. He knew we would need a day to rest and recharge our batteries. I told Brenda, that I look forward so much to our Sabbath. We always make a big breakfast on Sundays and have a homecooked dinner too. This Sunday, I layed out in the sun and worshipped and praised God all morning. It was soul nourishment and refreshment. I literally could feel God (Holy Spirit) filling me up inside. It brought me to tears..sobbing tears..of happiness. I know that's so very deep and strong. It's like looking into the's so bright you have to turn away. That's how that feeling is that the Holy Spirit gives's so much that it overflows and spills out...
Have you ever felt like that? Perhaps you've felt sorrow like that.. it's so hard and heavy that you've got to release it..

So what gives you refreshment? Do you get yourself nourished and refreshed? How do you recharge your batteries when they are running on low?

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