Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stripped, Bare, Naked, Vulnerable

I am a sinner. I am smelly, rotten, stinky trash. I lie. I cheat. I steal. I gossip. I am prideful. I am snobbish. I am lazy. I like to think I am smarter then a lot of people. I use a lot of words, but don't put them in action. I tell people I will pray for them, and I don't always do it. I roll my eyes at people behind their backs. I am a sinner. I am smelly, rotten, stinky trash. God sees it all! I am transparent..I can't hide.

He loves me anyway. He really does!!! He forgives me for all of those things. Isn't that amazing? He sees me stripped, Bare, Naked and Vulnerable. He loves me just as I am. Like a child who messed their diaper and got into it....that's how we are. But God takes us and bathes us and powders us..and we are as fresh and sweet and clean as new. I love that clean feeling. Don't you? Doesn't it feel so good..to be good! I try to be as pure and clean as I can. I do..but I still mess up..I still get smelly and stinky and do things I shouldn't do. I want to do good..and I end up doing bad. I always have to ask my Father for forgiveness..and then, I know that He forgives me, because He loves me. : ) I love you Lord. I come to you to clean my soul. Susan

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