Tuesday, August 26, 2008


First day of high school for Lauren. First day of a new school for Ally and Lauren! They are incredible girls! They really are. They weren't too nervous.. more excited then anything! I think I was more nervous then they were. We got there right on time! I ran some papers into the office and was stopped by the superintendent, who had a great big smile on her face as she welcomed us to school. Then one of the teachers who comes into my restaurant, stopped and told me how everyone was so excited for us to be at the school and to be opening the Tavern Restaurant! hmmmm, God is so good to me. God is so good. I am blessed beyond belief. I don't think I can feel any happier then I feel at this moment. I feel bliss.
Yesterday the employees from the Neshannock Creek Inn all went to a Pirate Game together. (I couldn't go, because of having to prepare the girls for school). I stayed home and cleaned my house from top to bottom. (This helps Ally feel good and less anxious) Then I went grocery shopping (350 dollars..and I only filled one cart!!!) I got the girls their favorite foods, and came home and made some broccoli salad, a pot of Chili and fresh blueberry muffins! The salad and chile are for dinner tonight.. the muffins were for the girls this morning!
I talked to my bestie Kim for a little while..Then I turned on the radio and listened to music, and prayed while I cooked. It was very relaxing. Joe called while I was in the kitchen. "Guess what?" he asked. "What?" "I caught a homerun ball!!!!!" It was his first! He was so excited... the girls were really excited. We all three wished we would have been there to witness the event! They couldn't wait for him to come home. They new how excited he was.
We stayed up to watch the game highlights on tv and all saw him catch the homerun ball! He pumped his fists in the air!! Hahaha..it was great!
So this morning after taking the kids to school, I put on my walking shoes and I took Nikki for a long cardio-walk! I love walking through the side streets on Neshannock. It's so quiet and peaceful! And..for the rest of the day Joe and I are strategizing on restaurant ideas and applications! We've got so much work ahead of us, but it's work that I love!
Well..that's a lot of words for today. I hope you are feeling wonderful! May God pour out His blessings upon you today! Peace out, Susan

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