Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where and When do you read the Bible?

We had a family dinner tonight. We have family dinners usually twice a week. Family dinners meaning.. I cook and we all sit down and eat together. When you own a restaurant, it's much easier to bring restaurant food home to eat! (Our cooks are great cooks!!) So.. tonight we had hotdogs,*with saurkraut and/or chile sauce for toppings*, macaroni salad, potato soup, watermelon slices and oatmeal raisin cookies for dessert. Nothing fancy..but very yummy! WEll tonight at dinner, I mentioned that I saw Lauren's Bible on a little table in her bathroom next to the toilet! I asked her if she read it while she went to the bathroom! She kind of giggled and said yes. I LOVED IT! HEY.. She's fourteen and she's reading the Bible! I don't care where she reads it.. she's reading it! This gave us a great conversation about Bathroom Bible and devotion reading! Gotta love it... Pooping and Praying!

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