Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Have you seen this video yet? I saw it a while ago..and it touched my heart. Last of the news shows..Primetime or Dateline..did a whole story on Randy Pausch's life, because he died last week. He was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, who found out he had pancreatic cancer. All professors give one last lecture before they retire or finish teaching..and Randy gave this lecture, which now has been seen my over 5 million people.

I watched the show about him last night..and he said something that was so true. When asked about his positive attitude..he said, We can either be a tigger or an eyeore..I choose to be a tigger. Tigger is of course, a character from Winnie the Pooh, who is always bouncy and optimistic. Eyeore is a character who is always negative and whiney.
I've always been a tigger. I think it's just so much better to go through life with a positive attitude then to be a "downer." Nobody wants to hear your sad story..and if you think your story is sad, I can find many others with life stories ten times worse then yours! No matter how rotten life seems to matter how bad things seem to be...Your attitude is YOUR CHOICE! You can choose to be melancholy..or you can choose to be bright and happy. Who would you rather spend time with..Tigger or Eyeore? Are you an eyeore? Why? Stop it.. ask God to help change your heart.. ask God to fill your heart with Joy and Peace and love and then start passing that on to others..Become a will have more friends, I promise you!!!
Randy also said a few other things that just grabbed at my soul.. He said he waited until he was 39 to get married, so he could be ready to consider his wife's happiness above his..and it was very obvious that he truly lived that way..his love for his wife was breathtaking... He showed her and everybody else he much he loved her.
I think that's how we should all be. I think we should think of others..LOVE..LOVE..LOVE.. others before yourself. You will be blessed with a bountiful of blessings. THat's the greates commandment ..did you know that? Love God first and then love others!
So come on.. Eyeore or Tigger?

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