Thursday, July 31, 2008

Keep Praying! : )

Hey my friends and family and those who peek into my porthole...

Please keep praying for my family.. we are in negotiations to buy another restaurant..It's such a scary thing for us to take a leap..we are so not risk takers, but Joe and I have researched all we can, talked to many, many people about this new business...we have even consulted with a business consultant, and it seems to be a good path for us to take. Joe is extremely intelligent when it comes to money matters, and he has worked on spreadsheets and financial forecasts, and figured how much we have to work with etc.. etc Most of all.. We trust God. We have been praying constantly, and asking for prayer. If this is what God desires for us, it will happen. If it is not, then we will be at peace about it.

This could be such a catalyst for our family. The girls will go to a new school, we will probably look to buy a new house, if the restaurant takes off...
I've been asking God for change..for something new..for hope..
Is this what he has had planned for us all along?
Thank you for all the blessings that you pour into me. I am so grateful and am amazed at the love that you give to me. I feel your unconditional love Lord, and it is what gives me strength and comfort. I have incredible faith and trust Lord, because YOU are the LEADER of my life!! As long as I am following you..I know I am doing the right thing. Lord please keep loving me..please keep forgiving me for all of my mess ups.. Lord, I want to please and honor you in ALL I do! Please continue to make me strong! Please allow me to pass the love on to others. Please allow me to bless those around me. Please allow Joe and I both to pass your love on to other people. You know Father, that it is so important to me to show Jesus in all I do. Please help me to be less selfish..please fill my cup, so I can pour into other's instead of thinking about myself. Your daughter who is on her knees,

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