Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Inspiration

For Christmas, this year the love of my life for the past 26 years, my husband Joe, gave me the best present that I have ever received. He gave me the gift of Inspiration. He has inspired me more than he probably imagined by giving me my Tavern blog made into book form, and a new iMac. Reading through my Tavern blog was just incredible. After seeing it, I knew instantly that I would begin blogging again. The gift of the iMac is the ability to blog again. I own a mobile phone, an iPad a lap top AND a computer, but hate typing on all of those devices. (The computer I have has windows 8 and has caused me so much frustration that I gave up using it). So I haven't written in so long, but I LOVE writing. Writing is pouring my heart and soul out and have it stick somewhere. It's documenting what God has done in my life, and what He continues to do. Writing is therapy. I have always been an open book, so Invite you to read. Come along on my journey with me. Let me show you who I am, and what God has done through me and will do with me. Someone said to me a few months ago, "Susan, you are almost 50. Don't you think of slowing down and your future retirement?" NO! I hope that I never have to retire. I never want God to be finished with me until I meet Him in Heaven. I will try to take care of my body and my mind, and always be open to letting God use me in whatever purpose He needs me for. I am His. I know people don't always understand, but I truly surrendered my life to the Lord and gave it to Him. That doesn't mean I am perfect....I make SO MANY mistakes and sometimes I listen to myself instead of His voice and sometimes I complain and grumble about Him taking to long, or not answering my prayers in the way I want them answered, but I do ALWAYS trust Him. I have had people say, "How can you call yourself a Christian and do ..... or say ....." I am a Christ Follower but I am also Human. I don't always do and/or say the right thing. You know what...I would say a lot of the times I don't say the right thing" I mess up, even though I don't mean to. I can be stupid, and I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I don't always have a filter...but I'm trying, and I'm learning, and I'm ALWAYS growing...AND..My faith is HUGE and I BELIEVE with ALL of who I am, that God is REAl and HE wants to show you that He is real. You have to lay down your life, and trust HIM with it. That's what I have done. I'm still flawed. I'm not perfect. I always say that I am exactly like those people in the Bible that are so messed up, but God says, "Look what I can do through them!" That's me. It's not me that is great, it is GOD! He sure does amazing work! So come on....follow this journey with me. We will see where this life it all unfolds, together. With the love of the most amazing and wonderful Savior, Susan

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