Sunday, December 28, 2014

A lucky Bet

Joe and I hate gambling. We both feel like we work to hard for our money to gamble it away. When we go to Las Vegas, we usually can't even spend $10.00 on the slots, or another game. We go to Vegas because it's warm, when it's cold here in PA, We usually go see a show and a concert and definitely to lay by the pool and relax. This past September, we went for our anniversary. Joe wanted to do some kind of fun bet, just to say he bet. Since he loves sports and especially loves the Steelers, he decided to bet on them for something. He found the bet that was a long shot. He bet $20.00 that Ben would get the most yards passing in the NFL. The odds were 70 to 1. The man that took Joe's bet said that Joe was the only person so far that made that bet. He even laughed and said, "Bet you will be the only one making this bet period." Tonight, is the last game of the season and Ben is behind the first place quarterback by 318 yards. It's a good possibility that he could do it. We are so excited to watch the game tonight and cheer Ben and Joe on. Wow! What a lucky bet!

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