Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Wedding Dance!

Most of you..have probably seen this video! So far it's gotten over 17 million views! That is AMAZING! This video touched me so much, I just had to post it here to my blog and write about it. It inspired me : )

If you look at the phrase at the top of this page right above my picture, it says this: Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary!
I love to live a life that is anything but ordinary. I LOVE what this couple did. They changed the rules of a wedding. I've said this phrase soso many times, when talking about church or my restaurant. Why do we always have to do everything the same way? Why is a wedding always the same? How many weddings have you been to in your life? How many stick out in your mind..they are beautiful..oh a wedding is such a beautiful thing..but ..hmm let's be honest, if you've seen one, you've seen them all! It's a wedding. It's a funeral. It's a church. It's a restaurant.
Do you understand what I mean?
How many weddings do you remember as being extraordinary? Amazing? One you'll never forget? *BESIDES YOUR OWN!! : ) * And, if your wedding was like mine..mine wasn't really incredible. It was kind of ordinary.. I'm being honest. After 20 years of was a nice wedding, but nothing amazing!
But the people at this wedding... they will remember it for the rest of their lives! And they will probably smile every single time they think about it. I bet you they will think about it often, for a long, long time. Jill and Kevin did something extraordinary. They colored outside of the lines..they thought outside of the box..they strayed from the mundane! They had fun! They celebrated! Did you listen to the song that was playing? "It's you and me, moving at the speed of light into eternity. Tonight is the night, you join me in the middle of ecstacy."
Oh I just loved it! That was INCREDIBLE!!! It made me cry. Because..BECAUSE..this is how life should be! This is how we should make our lives and other people's lives. AMAZING! I say it all of the time. It's how I want my restaurant to be. It's how I want my church to be. I want it to be different. I want it to be so darn full of love and joy and fun and laughter..That's what I want to give to my customers and to my life. I want life to be BETTER..AMAZING.. INCREDIBLE! Why should it be dull? I've always felt that way about church....Oh it drove me crazy! It's why I tried to get a new church planted. I wanted one that was fun, and so outside of the box, but one that would make people CRAZY in LOVE with Jesus. I want a church that gives and gives to people in their own community. I want a church that is just like Jill and Kevin's wedding. One that is different, that makes living exciting, that makes loving Jesus fun and not a chore. I want my restaurant to be the same way. I'm telling you the truth...I could care less about making money. We have to make enough to support ourselves and our children, but I want to give meals away to people..I want to be able to say, "lunch is on me" I want to be able to give free sticky buns to people on their birthdays..I want to do anything I can to make someone feel good! Oh you can't even know the burning desire of my is like a fire..that consumes me. I want to change lives, I want people to know just how good life can be..Oh..I can barely stand it. I want it so bad. I want my restaurant to make people feel good, but it's so not enough for me. Those who know my soul..who know my passion...this is where I am now..making the Tavern successful and wonderful..but my true heart burns and desires, and it has for more than three years now, to build a church that is contemporary, non that ROCKS! One that thinks outside of the box! One that is fun to go to! One that will make people want to clap their hands and dance and celebrate and laugh! Just like the wedding entrance the wedding guests. One that is different then all the rest.
I know I'm not expressing myself fingers won't type my words fast enough.
I wish you could read my mind and look into my heart and see what lies inside there. The picture that I see...I wish you could see.
Think about it! Why can't we have a church service like this? Why can't every Sunday, every time we gather together to celebrate life and Jesus, be fun, hand clapping, laughing, dancing..
I'm not talking just about the worship service. I want a church that is fun and exciting, and I also want a church that pours everything they have into their community. It's what I want to do with the Tavern, but my resources are so far less, than that of a church. It's only Joe and I bringing in money to give back to the community. A church..well that's a whole group of people. Imagine what we could give and do, with a whole group of people giving and doing together! We could be a community, very much like the group of people in this wedding party. We could make our community so much brighter, different, fun, loving, exciting, giving, helping, ...EXTRAORDINARY!
One more little piece of my heart..
My daughter asked me the other day, if I won the lottery what I would do.
She knew my answer but I said it anyway.

I would build a church that is AMAZING! I would make it's worship service be like a concert. People would sing to Jesus and want to clap and smile and laugh and feel the most incredible joy!
The kids building would be like a chuckee cheese area. When their parents ask them where they'd like to go for fun...I don't want them to say Chuckee Cheese. I want them to say CHURCH! I want it to be THAT good!
I want a youth center to be the place where teenagers want to hang out! I don't want my teenagers going to parties or anywhere else. I want them to have a Blast at church! I want to open a youth center every night of the week, with mentors.. a place where kids feel safe, and loved. A place where kids who are lacking families can come and talk to someone and not be put down..or critisized. I want them to be filled with love that comes from loving Jesus. not sex..or drugs..or alcohol.
Where do young people in their twenties and thirties go to meet other people around this area??? They have nowhere to go except a bar?? I want a place that gets filled with singles and young people that want to meet other people without having to sleep with each other or drink!! Do you know what I mean?? We're missing that in our society!! We're missing it!!!
I want the kind of church that people want to come, not just to do a duty..but because they LOVE it!
Oh...I have a picture in my mind, and I know it's possible to do. I just don't know how to do it.
Once it's built, I know beyond ANY ..ANY..shadow of a doubt that it would be successful and amazing! God put the picture in my mind and heart, and I've proved that when God gives me a vision, I can make it happen. I built the UNDERGROUND in my old church..I built up the Tavern....
But where my heart building a church for God! A church that would bring thousands and thousands of people to know Him. I want to increase His Kingdom with as many people as I can possibly bring there!
My fingers are heart is heavy...the passion will not die inside of me. It only gets stronger each day that I live!
I only wish I knew how to make it happen.

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