Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still in Love with Jesus!

Hey you! I'm glad you found me..if you were searching for me! I am now blogging on my professional site www.thetavernonthesquare.blogspot.com and because we are soooo crazy busy with our new restaurant, I don't have time to blog personally! BUT..if you googled me and came upon this website..HELLO! I'm still here..still crazy head over heels in love with Jesus....still wanting to make the world a better place...still passionately in love with my husband and my daughters! I love being a mom and a wife and a restaurant owner and a New Wilmington Resident..

Oh...God is so good! Jesus is my hero! Please, if you come across this blog post..just keep praying for me and for my family! Pray that God keeps us safe and healthy and that He keeps us close to Him! Pray that the world doesn't snatch my family away from HIM! Pray that Jesus is always number one in our lives!!!
It's late...and I'm going to bed... goodnight! Thanks again! Goodnight Jesus, my hero! I love you soooooooooo much. Thank you for EVERYTHING you give me and do for me and...wow..just thank you for creating me! Your girl, Susan!

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