Saturday, January 03, 2015

Bowling with our new friends~

This year God brought a new young man into our lives via our daughter Lauren Elizabeth. She met Kevin Duque online. They are both League of Legends Video gamers. Kevin lived in Miami, a far away from our little town of New Wilmington. Lauren and Kevin fell in love online and in July of 2014, Lauren and Kevin fell in love in person when Kevin came to visit for a week. In September, Kevin moved here to get to know our daughter and our family. We welcomed him with open hearts and opened arms. It did not take long for us to also fall in love with Kevin and it already feels like his a part of our family Only God knows what the future holds but we are praying that Kevin will remain a part of our family forever. This Christmas, Kevin's mother, Ysbelia, sister Valerie and niece Victoria decided to come stay and spend the New Year with us. Kevin's Uncle Miguel and Aunt Scarlette, nieces Anabel and Margaret also came. Our two families melded together so beautifully. I can say this has been one of our best Christmas and New Years. We made new friends who will hopefully become family members.

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